The Listening Fund (Scotland) Partners

Access to Industry

Creative Therapies

Edinburgh Young Carers

Elgin Youth Development Group

Girvan Youth Trust

Hot Chocolate Trust

Impact Arts (Projects) Ltd

Moira Anderson Foundation

Reeltime Music

Rosemount Lifelong Learning

The Junction

Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre

Where we work

Our partners work across Scotland.


What we do

Access to Industry are an employability organisation working with people who face particular disadvantage in moving into training, education and/or employment. This disadvantage may be because of substance misuse, offending, mental health issues and/or because they are homeless.


Their Listening Fund project:

Access to Industry will recruit a dedicated Youth Development Worker, who will work with young people to build their knowledge and confidence, support them to ask questions and listen to each other, and aim to train up one participant to become a Peer Development Worker.

Creative Therapies uses the arts to address the needs of children and young people with emotional, physical and mental health issues. Their State Registered Arts Therapists work collaboratively with professional artists on a range of creative therapeutic interventions including art, music, drama and dance movement.


Their Listening Fund project:

Building on their experience of providing long-term arts therapy interventions, Creative Therapies will work with young people to feel heard, find their voice, and share the complexities of their lives with peers. As an organisation, they will also reflect on, refine and expand their listening methodology, and seek out new opportunities to share their learning with external partners.

Edinburgh Young Carers (EYC) provides support to over 350 young people, aged from 5 – 20 struggling with caring responsibilities, many of whom come from difficult or chaotic backgrounds, living with problematic parental substance misuse and living in poverty. EYC helps young carers with their emotional and academic development, as well as providing support and advice on maintaining a balance between their caring responsibilities and their right to take part in everyday childhood experiences that many take for granted.


Their Listening Fund project:

This project will focus on further developing EYC’s listening practice with sibling young carers, in order to provide them with more opportunities to have meaningful input into the service they receive, as well as feed into relevant local and national policies and strategies. EYC will also disseminate the results of this research and support project to professionals across Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK.

Elgin Youth Development Group (EYDG), which includes the Warehouse Youth Café and the Inkwell Social Enterprise, is an award winning charity which aims to provide a safe haven, social space and personal development opportunities for young people from all social, economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds in the local area.


Their Listening Fund project:

This project will see EYDP conduct a range of listening activities and research focussed on groups of young people currently under-represented in their work: young people with learning and physical disabilities, and those from the LGTB, Traveller and BAME communities in the area.

Girvan Youth Trust (GYT) is a youth driven, community owned, grassroots organisation, whose main aim is to enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged young people suffering social and rural exclusion. The Z1 Youth Bar, a 21st century multi–functional dedicated youth centre, provides GYT and 15 partner organisations and groups with a unique, youth-friendly focal base by which to meet the social and developmental needs of young people.


Their Listening Fund project:

GYT are seeking to create a lasting legacy for young people who have worked with them over the long term, through the creation of a local Youthbank and Youth Board for the Trust. GYT will employ two part-time youth workers to facilitate and support these young people to achieve their goals.

Hot Chocolate (HC) is a grassroots youth work organisation, based in the centre of Dundee, working with marginalized and wary young people who hang out in the city centre because they feel that they do not belong in their own communities, schools or families. HC’s team provides support with a wide range of challenges in these young people’s lives, including homelessness, mental health problems, unexpected pregnancy and involvement with the criminal justice system.


Their Listening Fund project:

The project will see HC refine and expand upon its already established listening practices, with a focus learning from its annual ‘Census’ of the young people it supports. This work will include developing their support for a small number of young people who have reported that they do not yet feel confident or safe enough to ask for help, and building on their ‘ethical storytelling’ work, sharing young people’s experiences that professionals and policy makers need to learn from in order to improve their practice.

Impact Arts is a national arts organisation seeking to tackle inequalities in Scotland though creative engagement, using the arts to enable and empower social change. Working predominantly with vulnerable groups, Impact Arts transforms lives by helping to build the confidence and skills of the people they work with, as well as improving their life chances and employability, supporting mental health and developing the community arts sector.


Their Listening Fund project:

Impact Arts will embed structured processes of listening to ensure young people are consistently heard throughout the organisation, creating new exciting ways to listen to their voices (exploring methods such as film, blogs, print). This work will also involve recruiting a ‘Listening Expert’ who will develop the listening strategy, provide staff training, and co-design a Listening Toolkit resource. Additionally, they will introduce a Youth Steering Group to engage with the Board of Directors to influence the management of the organisation.

The Moira Anderson Foundation provides support, counselling and therapy to survivors of childhood sexual abuse through a variety of different means, including play therapy, art therapy, youth counselling and group work. By providing a fully rounded ‘personal outcomes’ based service, the foundation builds trust and gives the necessary support in a positive, warm and welcoming environment.


Their Listening Fund project:

Through this funding the Moira Anderson foundation will make improvements to existing monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure more creative ways of collecting and collating feedback are developed to better inform service delivery. The foundation also intend to appoint a part-time researcher to assess current data collection and to determine how to best implement feedback, leading to the introduction of a new ‘Policy for Listening’ which will include training for staff.

Reeltime Music aims to motivate, inspire, and to bring about a positive change in the lives of disadvantaged young people within North Lanarkshire, through creative workshops, partnership projects, volunteering opportunities, and recording and rehearsal services.


Their Listening Fund project:

The project involves the development of a dedicated ‘Listening’ learning and development program for all staff and volunteers, as well as the creation of a new youth steering group with direct links to the Board who will feed in responses from a new ‘Listening Survey’ which will be sent to all of the young people with whom they work. Additionally, it will support the development of a ‘bank’ of Listening Hours to be used by tutors when they recognise a need for additional listening time with young people.

Rosemount Lifelong Learning has a mission to increase life chances through learning for children, young people and adults living in Royston and wider Glasgow area. The services they provide encourage participants to raise their aspirations, develop confidence and life skills and ensure that their progression routes are sustainable.


Their Listening Fund project:

The funding will be used for the recruitment of a ‘My Voice Matters’ (MVM) Facilitator, who will be responsible for reviewing best practice aross the organisation, as well as co-creating an Advisory Group with children and young people, acting as a mentor to them and developing links to the group and the Board of Trustees. As a result of this internal review, it is anticipated that operational and strategic shifts will occur, to ensure Listening is embedded in all areas of the organisation.

The Junction – Young People, Health & Wellbeing is an award-winning organisation which offers access to a wide range of services providing vulnerable young people aged in North East Edinburgh with the skills to cope, enjoy life and reach their potential. We achieve this through education, information, and by providing a safe and welcoming environment with caring staff and volunteers.


Their Listening Fund project:

The Junction will use the fund as an opportunity to further embed the listening work currently being undertaken. It will create additional capacity for an existing Junction worker to develop more meaningful listening practices, by supporting youth advisors to create a legacy of listening, exploring the use of digital platforms, and utilising the existing peer-working model to facilitate young people’s collaboration with senior staff, to influence systematic organisational change.

Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre is a creative charity working with young people living in areas of exceptional social exclusion in Glasgow. Toonspeak provides high-quality drama and theatre activities, working with professional artists who challenge and inspire young people to create their own performances and manage their own projects.


Their Listening Fund project:

Toonspeak will use this funding to support 3 streams of work. Firstly, providing a dedicated staff member to listen to young people during their ‘Summer Show Production’, helping participants to get the best from the experience. Secondly, expanding their current ‘Toon In Speak Out Youth Consultation Event’, with the intention of giving the young people a budget and paying them a living wage. Finally, establishing a youth-led media team to allow for continued engagement and listening practice across the year, rather than just during one off events.