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The Centre for Youth Impact spent two years evaluating The Listening Fund in Scotland. This report draws together all of their findings, highlighting enablers and barriers to good practice and reflecting on what impact listening has had for partners and the young people they serve.

The Listening Fund Scotland, Interim Learning Report 

The Centre for Youth Impact was commissioned to evaluate the Listening Funds in both Scotland and England, in order to optimise learning from the investment in ‘listening capacity’ across the youth sector. The evaluation aims to understand and assess the impact of the Listening Fund on the practice of the organisations that are in receipt of funding, whilst also making a broader contribution to the evidence base around organisational listening.


Colin Falconer worked with partners from TLF England and Scotland to look at how listening informed their response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This executive summary highlights six key lessons from the report.


Young people and partner organisations share their key recommendations for funders and explore how they should be supporting listening work across the sector.


This report looks at how 11 partners from TLF England and Scotland used listening practices and cultures to inform their response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

CAF’s Young Trustee guide

This relatively short guide is useful for both charitable organisations looking to work with young trustees, and also for young people interested in sitting on a charity’s board. Challenging but reassuring, the guide contains practical advice and raises important issues that all parties need to consider to maximise the potential of young trustees.

Creating an ‘Architecture of Listening’ in Organisations

Jim Macnamara studied a broad range of organisations to compile this fascinating report which looks at different attempts to establish effective dialogue. As noted in the report’s introduction, the findings have significant implications for democratic participation, organisational legitimacy and social equity.

User voice: putting people at the heart of impact practice

This New Philanthropy Capital paper, produced with Keystone Accountability, seeks to inspire charities to consider how and why they engage with their users, and provides a useful framework for combining feedback with impact practice to drive improved outcomes.

Voice as Value: a powerful tool for transformational change

This interesting report from Fixers looks at the potential and challenges in using digital technology when supporting young people to engage in social action, and highlights the importance of institutional support to maximise the power of technology.

Power: a practical guide for facilitating social change

This report is based on findings of a two-year project funded by Carnegie UK Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. It is designed to be a highly-practical tool, supporting civil society organisations to analyse power and, as a result, take action for social change. The authors, Raji Hunjan and Jethro Pettit, provide workshop ideas and help organisations and their communities have a better understanding of their own power and what they can achieve.

A short introduction to asset-based approaches

Colin Falconer from Inspire Chilli presents an easy-to-follow 14 minute video introduction to asset-based approaches, and explores the potential impact of looking at an individual or organisation’s strengths rather than their weaknesses.

The Center for Effective Philanthropy

CEP is a US-based organisation focused on using data and insight to enable higher-performing funders.  Their blog and the research section of their website are particularly interesting resources.

The Value of Lived Experience in Social Change

‘The Value of Lived Experience in Social Change: the Need for Leadership and Organisational Development in the Social Sector’ is the result of extensive research undertaken by Baljeet Sandhu into how the sector engages with those who have lived experience.  Published in 2017, this executive summary details the challenges facing the sector whilst also suggesting ways forward.

Measuring Changes in Accountability

This excellent paper from Keystone Accountability, Civicus and Accountable Now looks at the Resilient Roots initiative and provides some very useful guidelines on how to measure accountability.

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